Bugis Street And Little India

On the last day of visiting the best place to visit in Singapore in 3 days, you can spend your time to go shopping, one of which is on Singapore’s most famous street Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a heaven for shoppa holic. Orchard Road is filled with iconic shopping, restaurants, hotels, culinary centers and entertainment centers in Singapore.

After that for next destination for the best place to visit in Singapore in 3 daysyou can go to Bugis Street Market. Bugis Street is designed by the Singapore government as a shopping center for tourists. In addition to cheap, festive, various types of souvenirs are also most complete. Available from key chains, refrigerator patches, handbags, wallets, and home decorations. Until other small items such as pens, notepads, and t-shirts.

The last destination that will end our short journey in Singapore and part of the best place to visit in Singapore in 3 daysis Little India. Little India is a largely inhabited district of the Indian community, especially the Tamils. Do not be surprised if in this place you meet many Indian people, because it is most of the Indian ancestry in Singapore live here. In this area, Indian culture is still preserved. Indian food, clothes, and trinkets are easy to get. In addition to typical Indian shopping, you can also visit Hindu and Buddhist temples. In Little India, there are many stalls selling Indian goods. You can buy saris, jewelry, or an interesting Indian jewelry place here. If you go to Little India do not forget to go to Mustafa Center to buy souvenir chocolate. The price of chocolate at Mustafa Center is relatively cheaper than when you buy at the airport.