A Short Introduction to Bali Zoo and Where to Get the Tickets

Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is not an ordinary zoo; it’s also a conservation center for the animals and the environment. Known to locals as Kebun Binatang Bali, Indonesian for Bali Zoo, this nature and wildlife area is where visitors can get closer to the high diversity of animals and learn about them. Because it features animals, Bali Zoo becomes one of the best places in the island for family trip with children. We know our younger ones are curious and they mostly love animals. In Bali Zoo, while they stroll around the vast park, they can get more knowledge about the animals they encounter. What’s more is that you can do more than just an exploration in Bali Zoo.

The programs

For the fullest experience while having a day out in Bali Zoo, there are many programs that you can join. In this zoological park, visitors can touch and interact with gentle animals like muntjac, deer, and domestic pet like rabbits, and their cute little babies. Besides having fun with animals in the petting zoo pen, children can take a short exploration around the park by taking the pony ride. Or, they can enjoy the fun splash outdoor at the Jungle Splash Waterplay where they can refresh themselves.

Bali Zoo also has several programs to get closer to our gigantic friends, the elephants. The Elephant Expedition takes you to explore the short trek through tropical environment around the park atop the gentle giant. Elephant Mud Fun Experience and Mahout for a Day both offer interaction with the huge land mammals without having to ride on their back. With these programs, you will experience being a mahout for a day where you can take care of the elephants, help them cool their body with mud, and join them for a splash in the nearby river. Another program with the great elephants which is no less exciting is the Dinner with the Great Elephant. This program doesn’t only include dinner at Gayo Restaurant that faces the Elephant Park. You will also enjoy spectacular dance performances and have a night safari around the zoo.

How you can get the access to the fun programs in Bali Zoo

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